Report Comments

Each Act 2 report submitted since the 2006 Notice of Intent to Remediate is available on this website for public review and comment. During this comment period, the public may provide comments to individual documents by filling out the form below. Once the comment period for each report has ended, the links will no longer be active and no additional comments will be accepted. The current comment period for the reports listed below will end on March 9, 2020.

Comments collected as part of this effort as well as those collected during public meetings will be compiled along with Evergreen’s responses and will be submitted to the PADEP and USEPA in an Act 2 submittal. A copy of the comment/response document will also be posted on this site upon submittal to the above-referenced agencies.

Future Act 2 report submittals will include public notices, as required, and will be posted on this site for review and comment.

Comment Submission Form