Act 2 Documents

As noted in the Site History section of this site, Sunoco and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) entered into a Consent Order and Agreement in December 2003 (CO&A). Sunoco’s Phase I Remedial Plan (Phase I Plan), dated November 2003, was included as an attachment to the 2003 CO&A. In accordance with the 2003 CO&A and Phase I Plan, a Current Conditions Report and Comprehensive Remedial Plan (CCR) was prepared by Langan for Sunoco in June 2004. The Phase I Plan and the CCR divided the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) Complex into 11 Areas of Interest (AOIs). The CCR also presented the Phase II remedial approach and schedule to characterize each of the 11 AOIs, and to conduct Phase I and II corrective action activities in accordance with the 2003 CO&A and the Phase I Plan. Since 2003, Sunoco or Evergreen have performed site characterization activities at all 11 AOIs in accordance with the 2003 CO&A.

In October 2006, Sunoco submitted a notice of intent to remediate (NIR) to the PADEP entering the complex into the Act 2 program. This NIR was later updated and submitted to the PADEP in November 2014 in order to reflect the ownership identity to PES and the remediator to Evergreen. The NIR was updated again in December 2016 to change the selected remediation standard for lead in soil to the Residential Statewide Health Standard for the North Yard Ball Field in AOI 8. In November 2011, the facility was formally entered into the PA One Cleanup Program with the USEPA – Region III and PADEP. In November 2011, Sunoco submitted a Work Plan for Site Wide Approach under the One Cleanup Program. As previously discussed, characterization and remediation work at the PES Complex is currently being performed under the September 2012 Buyer-Seller Agreement signed by Sunoco, PES, and the PADEP.

Below are the Act 2 reports which have been submitted to the PADEP and USEPA to date. The most recent Remedial Investigation Report (RIR) for each AOI incorporates past data and supersedes previous investigation reports. Due to electronic file size, some reports were broken into two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) for ease of download.

Future Act 2 reports will also be posted on this website. Forthcoming reports include Addendums to the AOI-4 RIR and AOI-9 RIR Addendum. Subsequent correspondence for these reports will also be posted to the site upon receipt/submittal. Subsequent to approval of all RIRs and Addendums submitted for each AOI, remaining Act 2 reports will be completed for the complex as a whole, including a Fate and Transport RIR, Risk Assessment, Cleanup Plan, and Final Report. The exception to this is AOI-10, which will have a combination Risk Assessment, Cleanup Plan, Final Report submitted for that AOI only.

Although the reports provided on this website include all Act 2 reports which have been submitted to PADEP and the formal comments provided by PADEP over the last several years, we have refrained from uploading all communications to the website which have been exchanged over the past several decades related to the complex. Because the investigatory and remedial approach has evolved and questions or matters which may have been raised in older communications have been addressed in more recent reports and/or otherwise rendered moot, we have refrained from posting all prior communications so as not to water down the more relevant substantive reports. The PADEP records included on this website reflect PADEP’s decision-making at various points in the overall Act 2 process but do not include an exhaustive list of every “record” in the official public file. To examine PADEP’s public file, please schedule an informal file review through PADEP’s Norristown office.

AOI 5 - Girard Point South Tank Field

Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 5 RIR_01-16-17_Part1
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 5 RIR_01-16-17_Part2
AOI-5 RIR Public Notices_Mar 2015
AOI-5 RIR Public Notices_Jan 2017
AOI-5 PADEP Letter_RIR_20170502
AOI-5 PADEP Comments_RIR_20170504
AOI-5_PADEP Memo_RIR_20170428
AOI-5 Evergreen Response_RIR_20170731
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 5 SCR-RIR-CUP_12-13-11
AOI-5 SC-RIR-CUP Public Notices_Nov 2011
AOI-5 PADEP Letter_SC-RIR-CUP_20120315
AOI-5 PADEP Comments_SC-RIR-CUP_20120319
AOI-5 Evergreen Response_SC-RIR-CUP_20120725

AOI 6 - Girard Point Chemicals Area

Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 6 RIR_11-21-17_Part1
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 6 RIR_11-21-17_Part2
AOI-6 RIR Public Notices_Feb 2017
AOI-6 PADEP Letter_RIR_20180226
AOI-6 PADEP Comments_RIR_20180301
AOI-6 PADEP Memo_RIR_20180222
AOI-6 Evergreen Response_RIR_20180430
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 6 SCR-RIR_09-03-13_Part1
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 6 SCR-RIR_09-03-13_Part2
AOI-6 SC-RIR Public Notices_Jun 2013
AOI-6 PADEP Letter_SC-RIR_20131127
AOI-6 PADEP Comments_SC-RIR_20131122
AOI-6 PADEP Memo_SC-RIR_20131122

AOI 7 - Girard Point Fuels Area

Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 7 RIR_06-09-17_ Part1
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 7 RIR_06-09-17_Part2
AOI-7 RIR Public Notices_Feb 2017
AOI-7 PADEP Letter_RIR_20170830
AOI-7 PADEP Comments_RIR_20170831
AOI-7 PADEP Memo_RIR_20170824
AOI-7 Evergreen Response_RIR_20171031
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 7 SC-RIR Addendum_09-19-13
AOI-7 SC-RIR Addendum Public Notices_Aug 2013
AOI-7 PADEP Letter_SC-RIRs_20131218
AOI-7 PADEP Comments_SC-RIRs_20131218
AOI-7 PADEP Memo_SC-RIRs_20131206
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 7 SCR-RIR_02-29-12
AOI-7 SC-RIR Public Notices_Jan 2012
AOI-7 PADEP Letter_SC-RIRs_20131218
AOI-7 PADEP Comments_SC-RIR_20120717

AOI 9 - Schuylkill River Tank Farm

Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 9 RIR Addendum_02-08-17_Part1
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 9 RIR Addendum_02-08-17_Part2
AOI-9 RIR Addendum Public Notices_Jan 2017
AOI-9_PADEP Letter_RIR Addendum_20170418
AOI-9_PADEP Comments_RIR Addendum_20170418
AOI-9_PADEP Memo_RIR Addendum_20170413
AOI-9 Evergreen Response_RIR Addendum_20170707
Philadelphia Refinery_AIO 9 RIR_12-31-15_Part1
Philadelphia Refinery_AIO 9 RIR_12-31-15_Part2
AOI-9 RIR Public Notices_Oct 2015
AOI-9 PADEP Letter_RIR_20160328
AOI-9 PADEP Comments_RIR_20160310
AOI-9_PADEP Memo_RIR_20160324

AOI 10 - West yard

Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 10 ERA_6-9-16
AOI-10 ERA Public Notices_Aug 2016
AOI-10 PADEP Letter_RA_ 20161110
AOI-10 PADEP Comments_ SC-RIR-RA_20161117
AOI-10 PADEP Memo_RA_20161108
AOI-10 Evergreen Response_SC-RIR-RA_20170131
Philadelphia Refinery_AOI 10 SCR-RIR_06-29-11
AOI-10 Evergreen Response_SC-RIR-RA_20170131
AOI-10 SC-RIR Public Notices_Jun 2011
AOI-10 PADEP Letter_SC-RIR_20120106
AOI-10 PADEP Comments_ SC-RIR-RA_20161117
AOI-10 Evergreen Response_SC-RIR_20111108
AOI-10 Evergreen Response_SC-RIR-RA_20170131