Evergreen and the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining Complex

Providing Opportunity for Public Comment

As an affiliate of Sunoco, Inc. (now known as ETC Sunoco Holdings LLC), LLC, Philadelphia Refinery Operations, a Series of Evergreen Resources Group, LLC, manages the legacy (2012 and prior) environmental investigation and remediation of the former Sunoco Philadelphia Refinery.  The property was sold in 2012 to Philadelphia Energy Solutions who continued refining operations until the sale of the facility in 2020 to Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP).  HRP is developing the property for non-refining commercial operations and the facility is now known as The Bellwether District.

A short VIDEO has been prepared to provide a summary of the site’s history and Evergreen’s activities at the facility.

In 2006, Sunoco submitted a Notice of Intent to Remediate entering the facility into Pennsylvania’s Act 2 Program. The Act 2 requirements include providing public notification of Act 2 reports and an opportunity for public comment. All reports can be accessed through a general file review request sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) or a more formal Right-To-Know Law (RTKL) request. For more information, please visit the PADEP website. Alternatively, in an effort to make all of the Act 2 reports readily accessible to the public, they are available on this website for public review.

Each Act 2 report included public notices, which are comprised of newspaper notification and letters to the City of Philadelphia. Copies of the notices are included with each of the reports. The most recent Remedial Investigation Report provided will have its own comment period. During this period, the public may provide comments to the documents by clicking the link associated with the report. Once the comment period has ended, the links will no longer be active. Future Act 2 report submittals will also have public notices, as required, and will be posted on this site for review and comment as well as placed in the libraries as noted below.

Copies of each report posted on this website are also available for in-person review at two branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia: Thomas F. Donatucci, Sr. Library at 1935 Shunk St. and Eastwick Library at 2851 Island Avenue. Following is a link to the Philadelphia Free Library online catalogue.

A chronology of Act 2 reports (replacing previously submitted SCRs between 2005 and 2010) is included below:

6/29/201110Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
9/12/201111Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
12/13/20115Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation/Cleanup Plan
1/31/20128Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
2/29/20127Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
6/21/201311Final Report
9/3/20136Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
9/19/20137Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation Addendum
10/16/20134Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation
2/24/2015AllHuman Health Risk Assessment
12/31/20159Remedial Investigation
6/9/201610Ecological Risk Assessment
8/5/20161Remedial Investigation
1/16/20175Remedial Investigation
2/8/20179Remedial Investigation Addendum
3/20/20173Remedial Investigation
3/24/20174Remedial Investigation
6/9/20177Remedial Investigation
7/20/20172Remedial Investigation
11/21/20176Remedial Investigation
12/21/20178Remedial Investigation