Public Involvement

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After submittal of the Notice of Intent to Remediate in 2006, the City of Philadelphia requested that Sunoco develop a Public Involvement Plan, as required by Act 2.  The plan included holding a public information session to give an overview of the regulatory framework for the project and ongoing corrective action processes. Information from the initial meeting, which took place on September 19, 2007, is included below.

Evergreen has prepared a new draft Public Involvement Plan (06-19-2019), which will again include public information sessions as detailed below.

As part of the Public Involvement Plan and additional Community Outreach efforts, Evergreen sent a Postcard ( Spanish | Chinese | Vietnamese ) to residences and business near the facility to notify of Evergreen’s Investigation and Remediation activities.

Current 2020 Meeting Info:

Evergreen is holding a Public Information Session to discuss the Legacy Environmental Cleanup of the former Philadelphia Refinery. The purpose of this session is to (1) provide the community with an overview of the completed environmental investigations, as well as past and future environmental cleanup activities, and (2) facilitate the public’s review of pertinent environmental reports to date.

When: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Aug. 27, 2020

Where: Live Event via Microsoft Teams –  The event link will be posted to this page at least 24 hours prior to the event.  

OR 1-844-855-4444, Access Code 6716760# (Listen-only)

If you do not have access to the internet or a computer/mobile phone, you may call 1-844-855-4444, Access Code 6716760# from any phone to listen to the presentation.

Due to restrictions on public gatherings, the meeting must be virtual to ensure the safety of all attendees based on current social gathering guidelines. If this will be your first time attending a Microsoft Teams Live Event, please try the link at least 24-hours in advance to ensure there are no technical problems. You do not need the Microsoft Teams app on your computer to view the presentation – simply click on the link; however, to watch from a mobile device, you may need to download the Microsoft Teams app. If you need assistance before or during the event, contact our moderator: [610-646-7496 or].

  • A PDF document of the presentation will be posted to the website ahead of time for offline viewing.
  • The presentation will be recorded and posted to the website for viewing at a later date if the live meeting date/time does not fit your schedule.

Evergreen created the website to provide the public with information about who Evergreen is and the activities that we do at the former Philadelphia Refinery.  Environmental reports that Evergreen has submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are available on the Act 2 Documents page of this website.  In light of the technical nature of the Remedial Investigation Reports, Plain Language Summaries have been prepared to aid in the public’s review of these documents. One document was prepared for each Area of Interest, and a document titled Overview of Former Sunoco Philadelphia Environmental Investigations was prepared as a guide for reviewing those reports and provides some basic background information, explanation of the regulations that apply to Evergreen’s work, and some basic technical concepts that will be discussed in the report summaries.  These documents are also available on the Act 2 documents tab of this website.

The public is encouraged to provide input before, during, or after the Public Information Session through any of the methods listed below:

  • Typed Q&A Feature during the Live Presentation
  • Website at (Report Comments page)
  • Email Evergreen at
  • U.S. Mail at (P.O. Box 7275, Wilmington, DE 19803)
  • Comment Hotline at: 1-888-444-1135
  • All input is valued equally, regardless of the method of input. Questions previously received from the public are posted to the Evergreen website on the Q&A tab.

Questions/comments collected during the event and Evergreen responses will be submitted to the agencies along with questions/comments/responses submitted through this website and other communication avenues. 

Information regarding future meetings will be posted to this website and public notices will be submitted.

Past Meeting Info:

A Public Information Session was scheduled for November 7, 2019 at the Preparatory Charter School (1928 Point Breeze Avenue) from 6-8pm. The purpose of the meeting was to present results of environmental investigations and remediation activities relating to the cleanup program being conducted by Evergreen. Notices for this meeting were published in the Philadelphia Daily News and the South Philly Review on September 13 and 11, 2019, respectively, and correspondence was sent to the City of Philadelphia, PADEP, and EPA. An additional notice was published in the same newspapers on October 2, 2019 (Philadelphia Daily News, South Philly Review).

We were disappointed to be blocked from holding the public meeting on November 7, 2019, where we planned to have a productive dialogue with interested community members regarding Evergreen’s ongoing remediation activities at the Philadelphia Refinery. Our goal was to offer a summary of the Act 2 process and key results of our work thus far, as well as to take questions from the public, kicking off a comment period before holding another meeting which was proposed for spring 2020.  We have provided a copy of the presentation that was prepared for the November 7, 2019 meeting here.   

  1. Any individual so desiring may request to receive a copy of the cleanup plan prior to implementation of the cleanup and have an opportunity to comment on such plan.
  2. Any person affected by the release that is the subject of the NIR may request that DEP conduct a site assessment. DEP further agrees that an appropriate DEP official will consider and appropriately respond to such request.

Other’s Meeting Info:

EPA will be hosting a virtual meeting (see information below) to review a report (attached HERE) that has been prepared by an EPA contractor about the former Philadelphia Refinery. The report was prepared by Skeo Solutions, Inc. (Skeo) using funding made available under EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC) program. The purpose of this report was to summarize the Act 2 Remedial Investigation Reports that had been prepared by Evergreen for the facility. As stated in the Summary Report, “This report provides information on the Site and the RIR process. It covers contaminants of concern, future land use scenarios, and PADEP non-residential standards for soil and groundwater. It also shares key findings from the eight RIRs for AOIs 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. It also discusses common cleanup methods at refinery sites. The report’s goal is to help nearby residents, businesses and organizations better understand contamination at the Site, how it could affect them, and what to expect for future site investigations and cleanup.” Skeo will share a brief presentation of the report and respond to community questions and feedback, information about the presentation is given below.

Please note that the EPA/Skeo meeting is not being held in association with Evergreen. Evergreen is simply sharing this information to potentially interested parties as it pertains to the facility and Evergreen reports. Evergreen still plans to conduct their own Public Information Session currently being planned for the end of August 2020. More information concerning Evergreen’s Public Information Session will be provided soon on this website, in newspaper notifications, and email distribution.

EPA/Skeo Community presentation and discussion

Skeo will share a brief presentation of the Summary Report and respond to community questions and feedback.

Thursday, August 6, 2020, 6:30-8:00 pm ET

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