What is PFAS?

Man-made perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances—called PFAS—have been used in industrial applications and a wide range of consumer products such as cookware, fabrics, paper products and firefighting foams.







Source: Philadelphia Water Department (2021)

Substances in the PFAS family are not found in water alone. These compounds have been used globally for decades and do not break down easily or quickly. PFAS are widespread around the world, even found in remote environments such as the Arctic.

The current PADEP Statewide Health Standards for PFAS in groundwater are (note: ppb=parts per billion):

  • PFOS – 0.07 ppb (both residential and non-residential)
  • PFOA – 0.07 ppb (both residential and non-residential)
  • PFBS – 690 ppb (residential) and 1,900ppb (non-residential)

Former Refinery PFAS Reports

System Effluent PFAS Sampling Summary – 03-22-2021
PFAS Lower Aquifer Sampling Summary – 09-30-2021
PFAS Shallow Aquifer Sampling Summary – 04-07-2022
PFAS Soil Sampling Summary – 09-27-2022

PFAS Resources  

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