Unfortunately, there are a few things that I am concerned with as well, including recycling the debris and where are they going to take it?

Evergreen provided this question to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: Approximately 30,000 tons of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) will be safely abated and disposed of in close coordination with the City of Philadelphia and other regulatory agencies such as PaDEP, USEPA, OSHA etc. and per all applicable standards and... read more

Trucks with no identifying logos or signage are going into and out of the property and more smoke is coming off of the property lately. Does Evergreen know what is going on with these situations? Is this Evergreen-related or Hilco-related?

Evergreen provided this question to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: Some trucks should be on site assisting HRP in transforming the site. We have a security check point that everyone must register and produce... read more

Hilco was responsible for an appalling failure during remediation that put local residents, an immigrant-heavy, environmental justice community, at risk. As part of the remediation process, they had to demolish the former smoke stack from the Plant. Although they had all of the permits necessary, they still completed it in such a way that sent a cloud of potentially toxic chemicals into the air. Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, commented that “The city was given repeated assurances that Hilco had a solid plan to contain the dust. Clearly that didn’t happen,” Lightfoot said. “This is absolutely and utterly unacceptable. It’s unsafe, it’s unsanitary. I would not tolerate this in my neighborhood and we’re not going to tolerate it here either.” Ultimately, because of the danger that Hilco created to the community, Hilco agreed to pay $370,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the State.

Evergreen provided this question to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: We have partnered with a best in class demolition contractor who has a great deal of experience demolishing refineries and a strong presence in Philadelphia.  They will be implementing an extensive dust mitigation plan and will be working with all appropriate agencies and stakeholders throughout the duration of... read more

I’m especially interested in the Schuylkill River Bike Path improvements, and would like to get on your email list with redevelopment progress and updates.

Site improvements such as this are  being conducted by the property owner, Hilco Redevelopment Partners, as part of their redevelopment activities. However, we have added you to Evergreen’s email list for future notices regarding legacy remediation (any person submitting a comment or question has been added to the distribution list for future... read more

Does your careful evaluation of pollutant concentrations, water levels, plumes etc. take account of future rises in sea level due to global warming, the fact that some portion of the site (perhaps most of it) will be underwater by the end of the century), also the value of restoring some of the site to the wetland it used to be for relation between land and water?

The remedial investigations performed to date sought to characterize the facility’s current and past conditions, delineate petroleum contamination, and form a basis for making predictions of future conditions. Evergreen recognizes that changes to climate are predicted to occur and may impact the facility in the future, and that these changes should be evaluated within the timeframe of the Act 2 remediation. The... read more

With the closing of PES an opportunity to restore wetland habitat to the river shouldn’t be overlooked. Wetlands purify water and remove contaminants. They also provide habitat for wildlife. And wildlife habitat with accessibility attracts people and helps expose kids to ecology. With that being said – Parcel AOI-10, the West Yard, is just downstream from Bartram’s Gardens and is cutoff from the PES facilities on the eastern banks of the river. While river access for barges or boats may be attractive for the future development, creating habitat along the banks of the river, will not only clean and beautify the area, but could also protect the redevelopment from flooding or water damage.

It is Evergreen’s understanding that there is no planned development for AOI-10 West... read more