Why does the former refinery get special treatment compared to other nonresidential sites? In terms of the lead site specific standards in soils 0 to 2 feet

The ability to calculate a site-specific standard (for any media) is a provision in the Act 2 regulations and is not the only one allowed, but is common practice and one of the three options for standards that can be applied to a site: Statewide Health, Background, or Site-Specific. Other non-residential sites can also calculate a Site Specific Standard if they choose to do so for their Act 2 projects. This... read more

I would also like to know your plan for holding Sunoco responsible for the decades of destructive pollution they caused in our city. This pollution has had direct impacts on community health in the surrounding neighborhood and has fueled the devastating climate crisis now impacting us all.

Sunoco is responsible for cleaning up soil and water contamination generated prior to the sale of the facility in September 2012. Evergreen is managing this... read more

I was wondering what your plans are now that Hilco has purchased the land PES and Sunoco both left in shambles.

Evergreen is in the process of finishing the investigation activities at the former Philadelphia Refinery to identify the extent of the chemicals in soil and groundwater, in order to develop a remediation (cleanup) plan for the site.  At various steps in the process, Evergreen will prepare reports and hold public meetings on Act 2 reports, and we will post information to the website created for the Act 2 process... read more