1) I’m worried about Hydrofluoric acid or HF because if it gets into the neighborhood and someone throws a cigarette and it hits it, the whole neighborhood will blow up causing massive casualties. 2) Another concern I have is about Butane because this is the second large chemical in there this is lighter fluid and if it’s the right pressure and temperature then this will blow up also, this was the gas that blow up in the first place and if this was in a neighborhood it would be like a nuclear bomb exploded. 3) Another concern I have is about nickel carbonyl because nickel carbonyl is very toxic and can cause chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function, and lung and nasal cancer if breathed in.

These comments refer to chemicals used in petroleum refining processes and concerns with potential gas phase/ambient air conditions.  Evergreen cannot address concerns regarding use of these chemicals as Evergreen is responsible solely for contamination in the subsurface and from releases prior to 2012.