Air monitoring has been done on site to see if vapors were present in refinery buildings or the surrounding air. When will this investigation of air quality be extended to surrounding areas, slash neighborhoods?”

As part of the Act 2 program, Evergreen evaluates potential air quality effects from subsurface conditions (as opposed to any air quality issues from above-ground operations).  The evaluation of any vapors to indoor and outdoor air from a dissolved plume beneath the subsurface is part of the evaluation required by Act 2 and will be included in future Act 2 reports, submitted upon completion of all Remedial Investigation Reports.   Evergreen has conducted initial assessments using existing data and conservative assumptions, which did not find any potential impacts to off-site residences from the conditions in shallow groundwater; therefore, we have no plans to test off-site buildings.  However, future fate and transport evaluation will model the projected extent of groundwater contaminants, which will be used to confirm the assessment of offsite air quality effects from subsurface conditions and will be summarized future reports.


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  1. Evergreen conducted air monitoring for indoor air in buildings on the site, will you also monitor the basement of homes near the VOC contamination for ambient pollution?
  2. Most of the testing in all media was limited to the industrial site or very close to it. Since contamination from air pollution occurred continuously outside the site, since most contamination migrates and may change over time, depending on many factors, more extensive offsite testing for all compounds should be done.