Similar questions: 1) Can you comment on why AOI 11 deep groundwater report has not yet been approved?” 2) AOI 11 has deep aquifer contamination that was not accepted by the DEP. Please discuss the extent of pollution, its evaluation and anticipated cleanup timeline.

There were both an AOI 11 Remedial Investigation Report and a Final Report that were submitted. Both were disapproved solely for the fate and transport analysis that was included in the reports. The remedial investigation portion of those reports were acceptable. Note that before we started a site wide model concept, each of the AOI reports had separate individual models completed, and we have since updated that approach.  Because the only disapproval aspects for the AOI 11 reports were based on the fate and transport, in subsequent discussions with PADEP, we decided that the next phase of reporting for AOI 11 would be in the site-wide Fate and Transport RI report. Also note that AOI 11 has been monitored continually and data reported for AOI 11 in other AOI RIRs.

Per the 2020 First Amendment to Consent Order and Agreement, the Fate and Transport Remedial Investigation Report is due by December 31, 2021 and a Final Report for Sitewide Groundwater is due by December 31, 2024.