Deep Aquifer – Evergreen states a layer of clay and mud partly separates the upper, “water table” aquifer from a lower, “deep” aquifer. This barrier is not continuous, though, and fails to protect the deep aquifer from contamination. Since the deep aquifer supplies drinking water to communities in New Jersey, Evergreen needs to specify the actions it will take to investigate and clean up any contamination affecting the deep aquifer and public water supplies.

As presented in the Remedial Investigation Reports, the lower aquifer (AOI 11) has been investigated during all the other AOI investigations completed since 2013 and the results were reported in the individual Remedial Investigation Reports. The concentrations found in the deep aquifer do not indicate a potential risk to communities in New Jersey, so no cleanup is anticipated as being necessary. The projected fate and transport of contaminants in the deep aquifer will be included in the Fate and Transport Remedial Investigation Report, which is anticipated for submittal by the end of 2021.  Upon completion of the modeling, it will be confirmed whether any remedial action is necessary or not in the lower aquifer.