Has AOI 11 cleanup been started? What is the plan for the cleanup for AOI 11?

Additional investigation has been completed for AOI 11 since the time of the last report submitted solely for AOI 11 in 2013. In fact, the latest Remedial Investigation Reports (RIRs) for each of the AOIs include information about AOI 11, or the lower groundwater unit, within that AOI. We chose to incorporate AOI 11 into the other AOI RIRs in order to give a full description of groundwater within each AOI in these reports. After the RIRs are all submitted and approved, Risk Assessment and Cleanup Plans will be submitted for different areas of the site. The proposed cleanup for AOI 11 will be included in the Cleanup Plans, which are yet to be submitted for the site. Note that active ongoing remediation efforts in shallow groundwater to remove petroleum products and contaminated groundwater have likely had a positive effect on AOI 11 groundwater quality through source removal. In addition, natural processes work to break down petroleum in the subsurface.