Has NJ DEP been involved with any issues on the NJ side of the Delaware River? Have public and municipal water companies in NJ been notified about pollution in the PRM Aquifer water supply? Have they been notified about AOI 11 efforts by PA DEP and EPA?

The NJDEP is routinely involved with groundwater investigations of the Potomac-Raritan-Magothy aquifer (PRM)  due to source areas located in New Jersey that are not related to impacts in AOI 11. There has been no demonstrated connection between groundwater impacts in AOI 11 due to past refinery operations and the PRM groundwater quality in New Jersey. As such, the NJDEP has not been involved with cleanup of the former Philadelphia Refinery. AOI 11 groundwater conditions beneath and adjacent to the refinery has not warranted notification of the public or municipal water companies in New Jersey, nor is Evergreen aware that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have notified these water purveyors that there is a perceived risk to New Jersey groundwater quality stemming from operation of the former Philadelphia Refinery.