How long will this take and when will the cleanup start?

Evergreen’s cleanup, when talking about subsurface remediation (extraction of petroleum and impacted groundwater from the subsurface), has been ongoing for quite some time and is expected to continue for several years until removal of petroleum and impacted groundwater is no longer necessary). The need for any additional remediation systems to address pre-2012 impacts will be detailed in future Act 2 Cleanup Plan(s).  However, some subsurface cleanup activities (soil removal) may be necessary as Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ development occurs.  In other words, if impacted soils are encountered during site work that cannot remain onsite per conditions of Hilco’s Soil Management Plan, they will be excavated and removed for offsite disposal by Evergreen.  The timing of that would follow Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ schedule for development of different areas of the site.