I currently reside in Siena Place near the borderline of the refinery. I just want to know is it safe to live there in terms of Air quality and in regards to the plume status. Recently, I have smelled Gas outside approximately on A few occasions near the end of July and don’t know if that is from the refinery or cleanup process as the refinery is not currently operating.

The refining operations were shut down in 2019; however, Evergreen is unaware of other site activities that have taken place at the facility since that time, so we are unsure of the source of any odors. PES operated the site and would have the information pertaining to air emission data. In addition, the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Air Management Services may also be able to provide additional air quality data from that time period ((215) 685‐7584 or dphams_service_requests@phila.gov). The City of Philadelphia does maintain air monitoring in the vicinity of the site, which is summarized in its 2020‐2021 Air Monitoring Network Plan. (https://www.phila.gov/media/20200504115105/2020‐2021_AMNP_DRAFT_FINAL 20200424.pdf).

Evergreen is responsible for investigation and cleanup of subsurface conditions present at the property before the sale to PES in 2012. Part of Evergreen’s investigation involves defining the extent of contamination in groundwater (the plume as you noted) and determining if the impacts present a risk to people onsite and those located near to the site. Evergreen operates remediation systems at the facility to control groundwater contamination as well as control vapors in sewers near and through the facility. Based on the completed investigations, the environmental impacts to soil and groundwater have not shown to cause impact to indoor or outdoor air in residential areas offsite.