If Hilco is going to help Evergreen throughout the cleanup, then why aren’t they on this call and subsequent PIP meetings? (Evergreen note: question referring to the 8/27/20 public information session)

Evergreen is responsible for the remedial investigation and cleanup work that is the subject of this meeting and the August 27, 2020 meeting.  Specifically, Evergreen is responsible for former Sunoco releases/liabilities that occurred prior to September 2012. Hilco Redevelopment Partners and Evergreen are working together during the site development to ensure that Evergreen’s remediation activities continue without disruption, and to coordinate where the development activities need to be considered in developing the remedial plan (for example, placement of vapor barriers in future buildings to address potential vapor migration/exposure).

The question was also provided to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: Hilco Redevelopment Partners is responsible for remediation at focused areas of the site where contamination occurred after September 2012.  As Hilco Redevelopment Partners enters these areas into the Act 2 regulatory process, it will conduct Act 2 public involvement activities related to those specific remediation areas.  Hilco Redevelopment Partners has also been conducting separate public outreach to inform the community about its redevelopment plans.  Hilco Redevelopment Partners continually engages with the community through public meetings quarterly, through Social Media channels, and through the office of corporate affairs. If you have any questions that are not answered please contact: jsessoms@hilcoglobal.com