If there are risks to people I would like to be provided with information which will allow me to identify if something in your process has gone poorly and if I need to take further precaution to keep myself and my family safe.

Evergreen interprets this question as potentially being in reference to the ongoing demolition and construction processes, which would be the responsibility of the new property owner.  However, with respect to Evergreen’s responsibility to investigate and remediate soil and groundwater contamination, the route of exposure to nearby communities would be potential indoor or outdoor air impacts from dissolved groundwater contamination that moves offsite in some areas.  However, our initial assessment did not find any potential impacts to off-site residences from the conditions in shallow groundwater.  This will be further evaluated in the future and any issues that require mitigation efforts will be addressed in future Cleanup Plans.  Evergreen is also currently developing better processes for communicating important information about our remediation program to community members.