It may have been more effective if this presentation was made available a week ago and we could have spent these two hours asking pertinent questions, such as: 1. what are the critical paths for considering the risks of lead and benzene to the adjacent communities; 2. how are increased climate-change risks being assessed; 3. how is ground and surface water run off being considered in the plans; 4. how is Hilco assessing the additional risks of (what looks like will be) hard scape pavement of 85-90% of the site?

1- The route of exposure (or risk pathway) identified for adjacent communities would be potential indoor or outdoor air impacts from dissolved groundwater plumes that migrate offsite.  However, initial assessment did not find any potential impacts to off-site residences from the conditions in shallow groundwater.  This will be further evaluated after the contaminant fate and transport model is completed.  Any issues that require mitigation efforts will be addressed in future Cleanup Plans.

2-Climate change will be considered during the Fate and Transport modeling. This will be presented in the Fate and Transport Remedial Investigation Report, as well as in the selection of the remedial approach of the Site, which will be presented in Cleanup Plan (s).

3-Ground and surface water runoff will be evaluated as part of the remedial approach, presented in the Cleanup Plans.

4-Questions regarding Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ plans should be directed to them.