It seems like many of the RIRs are still pending despite Hilco’s plans to start construction in 2021. 1) What AOIs are planned to be clear to build in 2021 and 2) what are the states of their RIR and Remedial Action Reports such that building can occur so soon. 3)If they are starting in the North, AOI 8 has an identified benzene plume that exceeds the site boundary to the north. There is a sample point in the lower aquifer on the boundary that is outside of the active and inactive remediation boundaries. What are the remediation activities that need to be done prior to construction to address these needs?

Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ construction schedule is not dependent on completion of Evergreen’s remediation activities.  Operation of Evergreen’s remediation systems in the North Yard (AOI 8) and in other areas of the site will continue during and after Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ decommissioning, demolition, and redevelopment activities. Hilco Redevelopment Partners and Evergreen have been and will continue to coordinate actively to make sure Evergreen’s work can continue during Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ redevelopment.

With respect to soil delineation, Remedial Investigation activities are complete in all AOIs. With respect to groundwater, Evergreen is collecting additional offsite information for AOI-4 and AOI-9, and RI activities are complete for the other AOIs.  After all RI activities are complete, Evergreen will submit Cleanup Plans that will incorporate Hilco Redevelopment Partners’ planned development.

The question was also provided to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: Hilco Redevelopment Partners recognizes the potential for impacted soil and groundwater to act as vapor intrusion sources for new buildings constructed at the Site. Hilco Redevelopment Partners will conduct sampling and analysis to evaluate the potential for vapor intrusion into planned buildings in accordance with PADEP guidance.  If warranted based on sampling results, Hilco Redevelopment Partners will install vapor barriers or other vapor mitigation controls (such as subslab venting systems) beneath new buildings.