Lead – High levels of lead are present at multiple locations. PADEP is allowing Evergreen to use a “site-specific lead standard” of 2240 PPM even though the statewide health limit is 1000 PPM.

As part of the remedial investigations, Evergreen compared the lead data to the Act 2 soil-to-groundwater Statewide Health Standard, which is 450 parts per million (ppm). This comparison is shown on the figures/tables in the Remedial Investigation Reports and in the 8/27/20 presentation. The Remedial Investigation Reports only report the data, not remedial decisions relating to the use of lead Site Specific Standard. The approved Site Specific Standard for lead is based on updated information and models from the EPA and PADEP that reflect the current state of science for lead. Evergreen will modify the Site Specific Standard if the PADEP or the EPA modifies these models or assumptions.