Many of the finalized online reports reflect reviews done between 2011 to 2016 with no updates. How can I learn what happened next? Is there a person to contact with specific, referenced questions, which would be onerous for a Zoom conference?

Remedial Investigation Reports do not get updated once approved.  Once RIRs are completed and approved, other reports are submitted with additional information, activities, and updates in the Act 2 process.  Evergreen has multiple reports planned for 2021 and will provide a draft schedule on the website of upcoming reports.  We have also provided copies of the semi-annual update reports on the website, which are not Act 2 submittals, but provide a routine update on remediation activities at the facility.  The public can ask questions in writing via email, mail correspondence to our PO Box, or ask them live during meetings.  In addition, Evergreen is currently planning smaller group meetings in the future which may make communication easier.