Please listen to the people who have no interests other than the health of their loved ones. Please understand that people are not exaggerating that generations have been suffering from the toxicity of the previous oil refinery’s existence, and do not belittle their concerns. Everything is fixable, the question is who will you choose to represent, the people and their health or corporate levers of power? I hope it’s not the latter. Clean this area up THOROUGHLY.

Evergreen’s role here is very specific as it relates to environmental remediation of subsurface contamination at the former refinery site through 2012, when Sunoco sold the refinery, as required by Act 2. We are following all appropriate regulations to carry out this remediation work, including attempting to engage the public throughout the process.  However, Evergreen has recently engaged a Community Engagement Consultant to assist us in developing an outreach and engagement plan with the community to further develop our outreach efforts including communication with community members on their concerns and interests.