The benzene graphic is different from one previously presented, which showed different levels of concentration for benzene on and off the site. (Evergreen note: comment refers to slide 38 “Groundwater Investigation Results: Benzene” from the August 27, 2020 Public Information Session). The arrow that is pointing to “offsite benzene source areas” is pointing to a residential area and the PGW facility (just west of I76). Who is responsible for cleaning up the off-site contamination under the residential area?

The benzene graphic was modified to simplify the presentation and to depict where benzene is predicted to be present above the Statewide Health Standard in the water table. The purple arrows were drawn to denote other offsite properties that are active in Pennsylvania’s Act 2 program that have benzene sources in groundwater. These include the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) Passyunk Facility, Belmont Terminal, and the former Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP). The residential area between I-76 and the PGW facility includes monitoring wells installed by PGW to characterize groundwater conditions. Cleanup in any area under Act 2 would be the responsibility of the party that released the contaminants.