The hydrological situation is changing. Are you considering remediation strategies with respect to sea-level rise, which could affect groundwater on the site?

Evergreen will detail its approach to remediation of the facility in future Cleanup Plans and will consider climate changes predicted to occur within the anticipated timeframe to completion. Evergreen will also incorporate climate change into future modeling.

Response addresses the similar questions: “Are you considering your remediation strategies with respect to sea level rise, which could affect groundwater and will you be incorporating changes resulting from climate change, sea level rise and frequency of storms into groundwater modeling?”  

“What plans do you have to keep this site safe as precipitations and sea level rise increase due to climate change?”

“As a Philadelphia resident and concerned citizen, I’ve been disturbed and frustrated to learn about the former PES refinery site and the legacy of toxins and pollutants it has left on the environmental justice community that surrounds the refinery. The opportunity to clean up and redevelop the refinery is a once in a lifetime chance to repair the biggest blight of our region. And as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and we know sea level rise, storm surge and precipitation events will continue to worsen. Evergreen must ensure its remedial investigation adequately addresses these future climate change conditions. For the +150 years this community has suffered from the presence of this refinery, we owe it to this community to ensure their health will be protected once this site is finally cleaned up.”