Evergreen has described petrochemical recovery results. But information has not been provided about how contamination conditions have changed over time or what the current situation is. Hilco plans to replace the existing systems, but no information has been provided as to what or why such replacement is appropriate.

Remediation systems are reviewed in the Remedial Investigation Reports. The RIRs also all include a qualitative fate and transport discussion, which addresses how conditions have changed over time. It is not expected that Hilco will need to replace any of Evergreen’s remediation systems because Hilco and Evergreen are working together to limit disruption to Evergreen’s ongoing remediation during Hilco’s development activities. Evergreen will be able to finalize and share proposed remedial approaches once we are able to finish the remedial investigations and formulate Cleanup Plans. At that time, Evergreen will propose what (if any) replacements, new systems, and/or elimination of existing systems are appropriate.

The question was also provided to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: Hilco Redevelopment Partners is responsible for remediation at focused areas of the site where contamination occurred after September 2012.  Hilco Redevelopment Partners is evaluating ways to improve remediation activities that are ongoing in some of these areas.  As Hilco Redevelopment Partners enters these areas into the Act 2 regulatory process, it will conduct Act 2 public involvement activities related to those specific remediation areas.  Hilco Redevelopment Partners has also been conducting separate public outreach to inform the community about its redevelopment plans.