What are the biggest environmental concerns with the water moving forward as this space is transitioned to a mixed-use industrial site?

In general, water concerns remain the same between use of the site as a refinery and the proposed use. As part of the Act 2 process, groundwater quality must be investigated as well as migration of and risks associated with the contaminants identified. The groundwater beneath the site is not allowed to be used for any potable (human consumption) or industrial use; therefore, the direct exposure to groundwater through these pathways is not identified as a concern. Potential vapor intrusion, or vapors migrating from the groundwater into indoor structures, is being evaluated as part of the investigation process. The proposed redevelopment may increase site elevation, due to the need for added grade for construction, which may help address potential concerns about floodwaters interacting with impacted soils. The remaining pathway to be evaluated is the interaction of groundwater with surface water in the Schuylkill River. The results of the evaluation of this pathway will be presented in a Site-Wide Fate and Transport Remedial Investigation Report. The findings in this report, along with the completion of the Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment, will determine if additional cleanup measures for groundwater are needed, which will be presented in the Act 2 Clean-up Plan.