What effect has pollution been in the last 7 years since the last reports on AOI 11 were issued on 6/21/2013? We understand that contamination has reached the deep aquifer (area of interest 11), which means we need to clean the water too. We’ve learned from the Clean Air Council that “while Evergreen has made available semiannual groundwater reports through the first half of 2020, that information is not part of the reports open for public comment”.

New groundwater data for AOI 11 has been collected since 2013 and it is presented in the Remedial Investigation Reports for each of the other Areas of Interest. Overall, most groundwater conditions in the lower groundwater (AOI 11) have been demonstrated to be stable to improving for petroleum-related compounds since the 2013 RIR was submitted.  Data collected annually from sampling events conducted after the remedial investigations are included in semi-annual update reports, which are also available on the website.  While the updated reports themselves are not Act 2 submittals, the data included within them will be carried forward into future Act 2 reports, such as the Fate and Transport RIR and Cleanup Plan, which are subject to public comment.