What investigation has been done and will be planned to identify contamination to soil or groundwater beyond the property boundary? If so, when? If not, why not?

Remedial Investigation Reports must include delineation of contamination of soil and groundwater to be approved.  Soil impacts have been delineated across the Site and up to the fence lines, meaning soils impacts are not shown to extend offsite.  The RIRs for AOI-4 and AOI-9 were not approved due to need for additional offsite delineation of groundwater impacts.  Offsite wells have been installed beyond the property boundaries of both AOIs 4 and 9.  Results will be presented in Remedial Investigation Report Addendums.  Note that the presentation graphics from the August 27th Public Information Session included the offsite data collected up to the time of the presentation, including new offsite wells.  Additional data has been collected since the presentation for the AOI-4 offsite wells and will also be included in the AOI 4 RIR Addendum.  Both AOI 4 RIR and AOI 9 RIR Addendums must be submitted by September 2021 to meet interim goals outlined in the First Amendment to Consent Order and Agreement