What projects has Hummingbird have worked on in South Philly? Hummingbird.. Darby is not in South Philly can you be more specific?

It is more accurate to say that the projects that we have worked on and communities that we have worked with are in Southwest Philadelphia. For the past 7 years, Marion Cox on our team has worked with several Philadelphia communities at the Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site. More specifically, the Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site [LDCA] is composed of 3 separate landfills that span a large geographic area.

  • Clearview Landfill is the largest landfill that is a component part of the LDCA site. This is the landfill that Marion has worked on for 7+ years. The “community” or neighborhood most closely associated with the Clearview Landfill is the “Eastwick” community.
  • Folcroft Landfill is currently in the remedial investigation stage so there have been very few public meetings. Marion assisted EPA in planning for and facilitating the only public meeting held to date regarding the Folcroft landfill in November 2018. Marion provides on-going assistance to EPA in its public outreach and engagement activities at this site as EPA moves from the site investigation into the remedial design phase. The neighborhoods and communities that are most directly affected by this landfill include: The Boroughs of Darby, Folcroft, and Glenolden and Darby Township
  • Norwood Landfill is the 3rd landfill that is a component of the LDCA Superfund site and is located in lower Norwood, Delaware County Pennsylvania. EPA has been conducting investigations at this Landfill, and the neighborhoods located close to this landfill, for several years. The neighborhood most directly linked to the Norwood Landfill site is the Winona Homes neighborhood. Marion has worked with residents from this neighborhood as well as Norwood Borough officials.