When will the revised RIRs for AOIs 4, 9 and 11 be submitted?

The Remedial Investigation Addendums for AOI 4 and 9 will be submitted once the public comment period for the approved Remedial Investigation Reports is completed and a summary document is submitted and approved by the PADEP. The investigation of the deep groundwater unit (AOI 11) has been incorporated into the other Remedial Investigation Reports since 2013 based on discussions with the PADEP, so we will not submit a separate AOI 11 Remedial Investigation Report since it has been more appropriately incorporated into submitted Remedial Investigation Reports.  The 2020 First Amendment to the Consent Order and Agreement stipulates that both the AOI 4 and AOI 9 RIR Addendums must be submitted by September 2021, and the Fate and Transport RIR (which will include the AOI 11 lower aquifer) must be submitted by December 2021.