When will we get information comparing all the available remediation methods in terms of cost, effectiveness, and community impacts (such as air emissions from the remediation process itself)?

Evaluation of current and potential remedial options is ongoing.  Cleanup Plans will be submitted upon completion of all Remedial Investigation activities, which will consist of identification and evaluation of remedial alternatives, selection of proposed remedies, and plans for the development, construction, and initial operation of the proposed remedy and/or documentation of interim remedial actions already in place.  Note that remediation to site-specific standards may include treatment, removal, engineering or institutional controls.

Per Section 304(j) of Act 2, the Cleanup Plans will document the evaluation of criteria such as the effectiveness of the remedy to manage risk, the extent to which the risks are being reduced, the ability to implement the remedy, reduction of regulated substances, post-remediation care plans, and cost-benefit considerations.