Will the site-specific standard be at least as stringent as the statewide standards?

There will be a combination of statewide health and site-specific standards at this site. The lead site specific standard calculated for the Site utilized the Adult Lead Model and the standard PADEP default assumptions. Use of the ALM resulted in a lead site specific standard that was higher than the statewide health standard, but protective of the human health. As the PADEP revises their standard assumptions for lead, Evergreen will modify the lead Site Specific Standard accordingly. Although not proposed at this time, if site specific standards are developed for other chemicals, the process will use site specific conditions as inputs to the calculations, so they will be protective of the population that encounters the soils at the site. If the pathway elimination option under the Act 2 Site Specific Standard is used at the Site, a new standard will not be calculated but the Cleanup Plan and Final Report will document how the entire pathway is eliminated.