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DEP Act 2 Fact Sheet – Overview of the Land Recycling Program

Publicly-available instructional video “Groundwater Model”  by Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District – provides overview of basic hydrogeologic principles (such as movement of groundwater and substances in groundwater).

Air Quality Information Links

City of Philadelphia Air Management Services – Guide to Air Permits and Licenses

City of Philadelphia Air Management Services – 2021-2022 Air Monitoring Network Plan

Philly AMS Air Quality Complaint Phone Number: 215-685-7580

PADEP Land Recycling Program Technical Guidance Manual, Section IV – Vapor Intrusion

Evergreen’s Vapor Intrusion Explainer Video

USEPA Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring for Communities Grant Information (closing February 25)

USEPA Air Data: Air Quality Data Collected at Outdoor Monitors Across the US

Hilco Redevelopment Partners link to webpage including benzene Fenceline monitoring information


US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Links

USEPA One Cleanup Program Page

EPA Project Contact: Gail Scott


PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Links

PADEP Land Recycling Program (Act 2) Home Page
PADEP One Cleanup Program Page

DEP Project Contact: Virginia Nurk


Resources for General Chemical and Toxicology Information

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry – Toxic Substances Portal

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)

PubChem – National Library of Medicine

ToxTutor – Learn Essential Principles of Toxicology