Trucks with no identifying logos or signage are going into and out of the property and more smoke is coming off of the property lately. Does Evergreen know what is going on with these situations? Is this Evergreen-related or Hilco-related?

Evergreen provided this question to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: Some trucks should be on site assisting HRP in transforming the site. We have a security check point that everyone must register and produce... read more

Hilco was responsible for an appalling failure during remediation that put local residents, an immigrant-heavy, environmental justice community, at risk. As part of the remediation process, they had to demolish the former smoke stack from the Plant. Although they had all of the permits necessary, they still completed it in such a way that sent a cloud of potentially toxic chemicals into the air. Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, commented that “The city was given repeated assurances that Hilco had a solid plan to contain the dust. Clearly that didn’t happen,” Lightfoot said. “This is absolutely and utterly unacceptable. It’s unsafe, it’s unsanitary. I would not tolerate this in my neighborhood and we’re not going to tolerate it here either.” Ultimately, because of the danger that Hilco created to the community, Hilco agreed to pay $370,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the State.

Evergreen provided this question to Hilco Redevelopment Partners, who provided the following response: We have partnered with a best in class demolition contractor who has a great deal of experience demolishing refineries and a strong presence in Philadelphia.  They will be implementing an extensive dust mitigation plan and will be working with all appropriate agencies and stakeholders throughout the duration of... read more

I’m especially interested in the Schuylkill River Bike Path improvements, and would like to get on your email list with redevelopment progress and updates.

Site improvements such as this are  being conducted by the property owner, Hilco Redevelopment Partners, as part of their redevelopment activities. However, we have added you to Evergreen’s email list for future notices regarding legacy remediation (any person submitting a comment or question has been added to the distribution list for future... read more

Lead is a heavy metal, but it will not remain stationary. Contaminated soil will be kicked up as dust by cars on the road, construction projects, and even by children at play.

Potential dust from Site soils will be addressed through the remedies selected for the Site, which will be proposed in the Cleanup Plan. Measures to prevent dust generation during redevelopment should be included in Hilco Redevelopment Partner’s site development... read more

Will the site-specific standard be at least as stringent as the statewide standards?

There will be a combination of statewide health and site-specific standards at this site. The lead site specific standard calculated for the Site utilized the Adult Lead Model and the standard PADEP default assumptions. Use of the ALM resulted in a lead site specific standard that was higher than the statewide health standard, but protective of the human health. As the PADEP revises their standard assumptions for... read more

This comment regards the benzene groundwater contamination on the Verizon SDWC property and subsequent properties. There does not seem to be sufficient sampling points located on the properties to the north of N-3 or west of V-MW-9 to accurately estimate the true extent of the plume. Similarly there appears to be insufficient data points to the north east of V-MW-16 on the north part of the Verizon SDWC property to properly determine a contaminant boundary . Was subsequent sampling and monitoring performed alongside I-76 or on the other side of the highway near the Philadelphia Housing Authority building to further delineate offsite impacts? Water level gradients seem to indicate slight a NE flow off of the Verizon SDWC that this report did not consider or investigate. In addition, the pump-and-treat system along Maiden Ln does not look like it changes the gradient of the plume that extends to the Verizon SDWC property and beyond. What is being done to properly delineate and mitigate this off-site benzene issue?

The Verizon SDWC property is a separate remediation site.  A Site Characterization Report indicating closure via a combination of Statewide Health and Site Specific Standards was submitted by the property owners and approved in 2012.   A subsequent SSS Remedial Action Plan was approved in 2012.  A Remedial Action Completion Report was submitted in 2015, in which they requested closure via a combination of... read more

Will you commit to cleaning up all areas near residential off site areas to residential health based standards? For the part of the property that will be a public park, do residential standards apply to these areas?

Per the 2020 First Amendment to the Consent Order & Agreement dated June 26, 2020 (and the deeds transferring the parcels), Philadelphia Energy Solutions/Hilco committed to continuing to use the former refinery property for non-residential use. As such, Sunoco agreed to remediate the site to non-residential use standards under Pennsylvania Act 2 and Evergreen’s future Cleanup Plans will be developed based on... read more

Regarding the soil-to-groundwater value, did you compare the soil concentrations to the soil-to-groundwater number and the site-specific number? If so, it didn’t seem like the soil-to-groundwater number was given enough consideration or serious analysis.

In the Remedial Investigation Reports, the soil concentrations were compared to the statewide health standard soil-to-groundwater number, the statewide health standard direct contact number, and to the site-specific number (for lead only).  We have hundreds of wells onsite that provide actual groundwater concentrations, and we evaluate groundwater concentrations of all compounds of concern, not just those that have... read more