What projects has Hummingbird have worked on in South Philly? Hummingbird.. Darby is not in South Philly can you be more specific?

It is more accurate to say that the projects that we have worked on and communities that we have worked with are in Southwest Philadelphia. For the past 7 years, Marion Cox on our team has worked with several Philadelphia communities at the Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site. More specifically, the Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site [LDCA] is composed of 3 separate landfills that span a large geographic... read more

Did Evergreen involve any neighborhood organizations in the process of deciding which community engagement consulting firm to hire? Thank you.

Evergreen did not directly involve neighborhood organizations in the process of deciding which community engagement consulting firm to hire. Evergreen drafted a Community Outreach Plan based on feedback from members of the public and from regulatory agencies in spring of 2020.  Evergreen also researched firms that had a successful engagement history on complex environmental sites nearby, including the Lower Darby... read more

Evergreen has stated that it has the fate and transport model, but that it has not been finalized. Can Evergreen share this information with us? It doesn’t have to be final in order for the public to see it. In fact, Act 2 specifically calls for public involvement during the development of all reports, so we would appreciate the opportunity to see and make comments on the fate and transport studies and model in its draft form or formative stage.

We are currently still developing the underlying flow model (this is the foundation of the model prior to inputting concentrations of contaminants of concern (COCs)). Later this summer we expect to be able to start making the model runs that will project the distance, direction and concentrations of compounds over time. Those projections must be calibrated to real site data. Incomplete models (or documents) that... read more

Evergreen has not sufficiently answered questions from the public on its Q&A Webpage.

Evergreen is continually reviewing the Q&A to determine what updates are needed to be included in the Public Comment RIR. The Q&A webpage will be updated as any answers are updated as part of this process.  Also note that some questions/comments cannot be addressed fully as the subject matter may be part of future site activities and/or future Act 2... read more

Evergreen has not provided sufficient time following explanations for the community to digest the information provided. 120 days is insufficient.

The Remedial Investigation Reports have been available at PADEP for the public for review since the time of their submittal. The reports have been posted to Evergreen’s website created for the refinery project since July 2019. The 120-day comment period consists of the time between the first Public Information Session, on Aug. 27, 2020, and the second Public Information Session on Jan. 14, 2021. The Public Comment... read more

A presentation where more than 3/4 of the time is spent in a one-way flow of information and where residents’ concerns are relegated to a still-diminishing-and-to-be-seen Q & A period at the end of the meeting does not bode well for a process that is inclusive of the public, as the City has requested and as the law requires. (Evergreen note: this comment refers to the Aug. 27, 2020 event).

The first public information session held on Aug. 27, 2020, was designed to provide an overview of the technical information in the RIRs. It included discussion of questions and comments already received from the public, both on the reports and the Act 2 process in general. Evergreen is aware that the presentation went long and apologizes for any inconvenience, but intended to work in as many issues that were... read more

Thanks for being open to a community advisory group. This would be a big step forward. It would be very good to schedule a meeting of the advisory group + other stakeholder representatives in the near future to begin to discuss and compare all of the available remediation and capping methods in terms of cost and benefit, and to outline when and how choices will be made.

Evergreen is open to discussing these topics with the public and is currently evaluating the most effective method of communication and engagement with all community members.  Evergreen cannot proceed through the Act 2 process (including cleanup plans) until the public comment process for the approved Remedial Investigation Reports and forthcoming addendums is completed; therefore, remedial approaches can be... read more

Meeting Format: 1) As a community resident I think this media forum is not consumer friendly in allowing community members to have an opportunity to participate fully in this report out process. (Evergreen Note: comment refers to the use of Microsoft Teams Live event during the August 27, 2020 Public Information Session). 2) Many communities and cities are finding that COVID 19 doesn’t have to stifle public debate. The South Philadelphia and Grays Ferry communities are comfortable with virtual tools that allow us to see and hear each other, as well as Evergreen. It is important that you adopt tools (which you likely use in your daily meetings with colleagues) that promote a true virtual public meeting. Would Evergreen be willing to discuss with community organizations the selection of technology that is more appropriate for virtual public meetings?

The Microsoft Teams Live format was selected to ensure that as many people as possible could see the presentation and participate. Other meeting platforms, like Zoom, have caps on attendance, and we knew that there was potentially a significant interest in the first meeting.  We chose a platform that had a higher capacity to allow as many people as possible to attend and view the information. We also chose this... read more

We are listening to your description of evergreen communications, but after exploring the materials at length, and attending meetings, many engaged citizens don’t agree that you are offering access to materials that facilitate public conversations, delivering 1000 page documents for comment is not democratic. Your reports can easily be designed to make key data and decisions accessible to the public. And the question is are you willing to create living documents that are updated about the state of knowledge about contamination and incorporate public comment? This will make for authentic public conversation about the future of this incredibly important place in our city. The recent NYT article about PES and Philly Thrive shows that the world is watching how we do this. Evergreen can be an important leader.

The reports Evergreen is required to submit to regulators are inherently long and technical due to their specific requirements as related to the site’s history, size and complexity. Reports must include the incorporation of not just current data, but all historic data with back-up documentation for all referenced activities and interpretation in the reports.  While the reports have always been accessible to the... read more

The following are similar comments/questions/and sentiments and were combined for one cohesive response.  However, each individual question has been listed below so that each person’s question is carried through and addressed. The Public Involvement Program should allow for proactive, two-way consultation between Evergreen and the community about the clean-up, throughout the development of the reports and the clean-up itself. ● The people affected by what Evergreen and Hilco are doing need to be involved. Equal partnership with the public needs to be achieved by: (1) creating a series of public meetings in a small-group format to allow for meaningful public engagement throughout the Act 2 process and (2) creating a community-based advisory group to solicit questions and comments, and evaluate the effectiveness of the PIP on an ongoing basis. ● As a Grays Ferry resident, I’m very concerned about the clean-up and the lack of community involvement in the process as well as minimal communication with the community as to the health hazards and potential risks. There needs to be meaningful inclusion of community members throughout the Act 2 process, which means open access to information, feedback, and frequent consultation. This can be accomplished by creating a community-based advisory group to solicit questions and comments and evaluate the effectiveness of the PIP on an ongoing basis. None of the work that’s been done so far has involved active outreach to ALL community members. ● For years have been told what was happening only to find out it was not true we need to create a community base Advisory to review everything that’s going on are you willing to do that. ● I support the demands of Philly Thrive and all fence line community members. Beyond presenting your goals to the community, it is the right of the community to demand and expect free, prior, and informed consent over the entire process given the health impacts of the air, water, soil, and aesthetics of their community. ● This process is one-sided and not meaningfully engaging the public. To follow through on your stated commitment to hear residents about how to make meetings better, listen to our feedback that we’ve repeatedly shared tonight to create public meetings in a small group format that allow the public to meaningfully share OUR insights with Evergreen and create a community-based advisory group to solicit questions and comments, and continually evaluate the effectiveness of the PIP. ● This is a once in a hundred-year opportunity to do right by the people who live by the site. People are eager to be involved and engaged. Will Evergreen consider a process that is less hierarchical? There are limitations due to COVID but past efforts at engagement indicate that communication is one-way rather than a dialogue. Will you make room for smaller, topic-targeted conversation in real-time rather than this type of Q+A.

Evergreen understands the community’s interest in the site and is committed to providing meaningful public involvement. Evergreen has reached out in many ways, beyond Act 2 requirements, to work with the public and identify the best and most productive ways to engage. Evergreen has already taken several actions to involve the public in meaningful ways as bulleted below. In addition to the items listed below,... read more