You still have those pollution Underground I still smell odors outside of my house

Evergreen is responsible for investigation and cleanup of subsurface conditions present at the property before the sale to PES in 2012.  Part of Evergreen's investigation involves defining the extent of contamination in soil and groundwater and determining if the impacts present a risk to people onsite and those located near to the site. Evergreen operates remediation systems at the facility to control groundwater... read more

While Evergreen has stated that benzene contamination moving off-site has not impacted the air quality in surrounding buildings, they have also said that no sampling of air quality in off-site buildings has been done. Evergreen needs to collect data to ensure that benzene and other contamination has not moved offsite and made its way from contaminated soils into the basements of surrounding buildings, affecting the health of residents.

Evergreen has conducted initial assessments using existing data and conservative assumptions, which did not find any potential impacts to off-site residences’ indoor air quality from the conditions in shallow groundwater moving offsite from the facility; therefore, we have no plans to test off-site buildings. However, future fate and transport evaluation will model the projected extent of groundwater... read more

Benzene – High levels of benzene are present extensively at the site, and benzene is currently being emitted into the atmosphere.

As shown in the Remedial Investigation Reports, benzene is present in groundwater but is less extensive in soil.  While concentrations of benzene in soil and groundwater  exceed the statewide health standards in sampling locations, the concentrations in soil and groundwater have not been shown to emit high levels of benzene into the atmosphere.  Many samples have already been collected to evaluate benzene in air,... read more

Air quality measurements were made within existing buildings, but no air quality data was collected in surrounding neighborhoods or onsite at contaminated locations.

Evergreen must investigate air quality arising from subsurface contamination only, not from refinery operations above ground. As documented in the remedial investigation reports (RIRs), air samples were collected from inside site buildings, and from outdoor air locations, both as background and above areas of known LNAPL plumes. Based on the data collected in the RIRs there are no known residential areas where the... read more

When were the outdoor air samples taken?

The outdoor (ambient) air samples that Evergreen has collected across the site have been collected over many years. Some samples were collected during individual AOI investigations and some were collected as part of a site-wide vapor investigation, generally conducted between 2009 and 2018. Individual sample dates are included in the air data tables within the Remedial Investigation... read more

Air monitoring has been done on site to see if vapors were present in refinery buildings or the surrounding air. When will this investigation of air quality be extended to surrounding areas, slash neighborhoods?”

As part of the Act 2 program, Evergreen evaluates potential air quality effects from subsurface conditions (as opposed to any air quality issues from above-ground operations).  The evaluation of any vapors to indoor and outdoor air from a dissolved plume beneath the subsurface is part of the evaluation required by Act 2 and will be included in future Act 2 reports, submitted upon completion of all Remedial... read more

Hi, I live in Siena place. I noticed that Benzene concentration is a light green and close to the dark green shaded areas in the same spot as my current house (very close to pha housing and refinery) (Evergreen note: this question refers to slide #38 “Groundwater Investigation Results – Benzene” in the August 27, 2020 presentation which is available for view or download on I think it was in the lower aquifer and water table aquifer. Because it is right below my house it seems from the map, can this present a danger to me or the house? Like can my water and be affected? And gas vapors be present? Or is it totally safe to live in this area even though it is below ground?

Information from the remedial investigation activities do not indicate that there is any risk to indoor or outside air in offsite properties from benzene in groundwater originating from the former Philadelphia Refinery. Evaluation of vapors to indoor and outdoor air from a dissolved plume beneath the subsurface is part of the evaluation required by Act 2.  That evaluation will be included in future Act 2 reports to... read more

I currently reside in Siena Place near the borderline of the refinery. I just want to know is it safe to live there in terms of Air quality and in regards to the plume status. Recently, I have smelled Gas outside approximately on A few occasions near the end of July and don’t know if that is from the refinery or cleanup process as the refinery is not currently operating.

The refining operations were shut down in 2019; however, Evergreen is unaware of other site activities that have taken place at the facility since that time, so we are unsure of the source of any odors. PES operated the site and would have the information pertaining to air emission data. In addition, the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Air Management Services may also be able to provide... read more