When will the public hearings for AOI 11 under Act 2 take place?

There is currently no separate meeting planned to discuss AOI-11.  Evergreen held a Public Information Session on August 27, 2020 during which the environmental data collected from all AOI’s was reviewed with the public. Additional meetings are planned to be held for future Act 2 submittals and/or other key milestones in the Act 2 process, some of which will include information about AOI 11. The public is... read more

Has AOI 11 cleanup been started? What is the plan for the cleanup for AOI 11?

Additional investigation has been completed for AOI 11 since the time of the last report submitted solely for AOI 11 in 2013. In fact, the latest Remedial Investigation Reports (RIRs) for each of the AOIs include information about AOI 11, or the lower groundwater unit, within that AOI. We chose to incorporate AOI 11 into the other AOI RIRs in order to give a full description of groundwater within each AOI in these... read more

There has been some concern that because of the aquifer under the water, pollutants from the refinery may impact drinking water in downstream New Jersey. Do you think this was ever a concern? If yes, will it continue to be one even as the refinery shuts down?

Evergreen’s role is to evaluate and remediate groundwater conditions created based on use of the facility up through 2012. Based on extensive data collected over the last 20+ years, and groundwater modeling performed to date, it is highly unlikely that groundwater impacts at the former refinery site affect drinking water quality in New Jersey. As part of the Act 2 process, Sunoco and Evergreen have performed... read more

What specific steps are being taken to clean the water from potential contaminants?

Since the original Consent Order & Agreement between Sunoco and DEP in 1993, Sunoco and Evergreen have implemented several interim remedial actions at the refinery. Various remediation systems were installed in the facility in 1995 to prevent the migration of impacted groundwater offsite. Additional remediation systems have been installed since that time to either address source removal (removing petroleum... read more

I understand that the cleanup is happening under a voluntary act 2 opt in? What were the benefits to opting into this program?

The information provided below was largely obtained from the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Overview of the Land Recycling Program Fact Sheet, which can be accessed through this link: DEP Fact Sheet. The Land Recycling Program (which actually includes Acts 2, 3, 4, 6 and 68, but is commonly referred to as “Act 2”) encourages the recycling and redevelopment of old industrial sites, such as the... read more

Do you have any idea what is going to be done with the site, and is there any way to encourage using it as a site for renewable energy for the city?

Evergreen is responsible only for the historic contamination that exists below the surface in soil and groundwater at the Site. We are in the process of finishing the investigation activities at the site to identify the extent of the chemicals in soil and groundwater, so we can develop a remediation (cleanup) plan for the site. At various steps in the process, reports will be written, public meetings will be held... read more

I thought the refinery was to be permanently shut down following the explosion in June of 2019? Will the refinery be permanently shut down?

Evergreen is responsible only for the historic (pre-2012) contamination that exists below the surface in soil and groundwater at the Site. Because of that, our work includes investigating and cleanup of the extent of contamination in the subsurface that existed before the sale of the facility from Sunoco to Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) in 2012. Evergreen understands that Hilco Redevelopment Partners, the... read more

Could you explain Evergreen’s exact relationship with the refinery?

Evergreen is an affiliate of Sunoco (R&M), LLC (formally known as Sunoco, Inc. (R&M), a former operator of the refinery), and both companies are indirect subsidiaries of Energy Transfer L.P.  In November 2013, Evergreen was formed to manage Sunoco’s legacy environmental cleanup at the Philadelphia Refinery. By legacy, we mean that Sunoco retained responsibility for remediating the subsurface conditions at... read more

Gulf operated a refinery where the Schuylkill Tank Farm is currently located before building the refinery at Gerard Point. What contamination is left at the former refinery site? What are the implications for people living or working in Eastwick?

The site characterization and history for the Schuylkill River Tank Farm (SRTF), which is also known as AOI 9, can be found in the RIR for AOI 9. Some contaminants are present in soil and groundwater related to the former operations. Light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL), or oil, is also present in limited areas and has been observed in monitoring wells. Evergreen completed additional off-site delineation of the... read more

The site contains multiple tank farms (Schuylkill, etc.). What is the story for each tank farm?

While the question is a bit open-ended, we interpret this question to be generally inquiring about Sunoco’s regulatory compliance with respect to tanks at the property. The environmental impacts at the tank farms have been evaluated two different ways as part of Evergreen’s activities. If there was a release or tank closure from a tank operated by Sunoco, an investigation was completed and reported following the... read more