How is it determined what ground pollution is from 2012 and before…and what is from 2012 to the present?

When the facility was sold to PES in 2012, Sunoco had a good understanding of the nature and extent of contamination at the facility. After the sale of the property, if changes in the contaminant profile on-site occurred, or known spills happened, the resulting cleanup became PES’ responsibility. In some instances, new contamination co-exists with old contamination, and the responsibility is shared. Similar to... read more

Hi, I live in Siena place. I noticed that Benzene concentration is a light green and close to the dark green shaded areas in the same spot as my current house (very close to pha housing and refinery) (Evergreen note: this question refers to slide #38 “Groundwater Investigation Results – Benzene” in the August 27, 2020 presentation which is available for view or download on I think it was in the lower aquifer and water table aquifer. Because it is right below my house it seems from the map, can this present a danger to me or the house? Like can my water and be affected? And gas vapors be present? Or is it totally safe to live in this area even though it is below ground?

Information from the remedial investigation activities do not indicate that there is any risk to indoor or outside air in offsite properties from benzene in groundwater originating from the former Philadelphia Refinery. Evaluation of vapors to indoor and outdoor air from a dissolved plume beneath the subsurface is part of the evaluation required by Act 2.  That evaluation will be included in future Act 2 reports to... read more

If Hilco is going to help Evergreen throughout the cleanup, then why aren’t they on this call and subsequent PIP meetings? (Evergreen note: question referring to the 8/27/20 public information session)

Evergreen is responsible for the remedial investigation and cleanup work that is the subject of this meeting and the August 27, 2020 meeting.  Specifically, Evergreen is responsible for former Sunoco releases/liabilities that occurred prior to September 2012. Hilco Redevelopment Partners and Evergreen are working together during the site development to ensure that Evergreen’s remediation activities continue... read more

Philly Inquirer (8/3/2020) says Hilco is calling for an “exposure barrier,” instead of removal. How extensive is contamination beyond the site? Concerned this does not address the health and environmental rights of the local community, nor account for sea-level rise and climate change flooding.

The off-site impacts are described in the Remedial Investigation Reports and two Areas of Investigation (AOIs), AOI 4 and AOI 9, have completed additional investigation activities to delineate off-site impacts.  As part of developing future Cleanup Plans for the site, several remedial options will be evaluated, including exposure barriers which may be necessary on-site.  Exposure barriers are a general term and... read more

2 Questions: 1) Have you reached out to Hilco about their clean-up efforts? Will you be monitoring them for accountability over severe toxic chemical spills in the water and soil? 2)I believe that Hilco must provide up-to-date, factually correct, and timely information about the status of the site’s pollution and the harm pollutants at the site (past, present, and future) and inflicting upon neighboring communities. Currently the burden of asthma and cancer around the site suggest that there are significant health risks that need to be remediated and addressed by Hilco. This solution must include more time for public comment and collaborative and meaningful engagement with residents of neighboring communities impacted by legacy contamination and who will be affected by development.

Evergreen will continue to communicate and work with Hilco Redevelopment Partners during their redevelopment so that our investigation and remediation (cleanup of the historic contamination) can continue during their redevelopment activities. Evergreen’s cleanup plan, which will address contamination in soil and groundwater existing up to the date of the sale of the facility to PES in 2012, is being completed... read more

I was wondering what your plans are now that Hilco has purchased the land PES and Sunoco both left in shambles.

Evergreen is in the process of finishing the investigation activities at the former Philadelphia Refinery to identify the extent of the chemicals in soil and groundwater, in order to develop a remediation (cleanup) plan for the site.  At various steps in the process, Evergreen will prepare reports and hold public meetings on Act 2 reports, and we will post information to the website created for the Act 2 process... read more

The information on your website seems to be outdated but i recently received a letter in the mail asking us to submit comments. I worry about our community over the river in South Philly who have dealt with countless decades of health problems due to this harmful refinery. Please keep me updated on this matter.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to look at the Evergreen website. The intent of the website is to be a central location that contains environmental reports for the site, a summary of questions and comments, and news about upcoming events. We are continually updating the website with new information. The postcard was part of Evergreen’s overall outreach plan to the community and we welcome any comments... read more

Why was there no meeting 11/7/20. Why was Evergreen “blocked” from the meeting? Was there a meeting at all?

Evergreen is unaware of the exact reason the meeting was blocked by certain members of the public. The purpose of that meeting was to initiate public involvement by introducing who Evergreen is, provide a summary of the work that has been completed at the site to date, and discuss Evergreen’s future activities. Evergreen held a virtual meeting on August 27, 2020 for the same purpose. ... read more